Timber Selection

Timber Selection

– helping you to choose the right timber for your table

Here at The Oak & Pine Barn we offer a wide range of exquisite timber selections for you hand made table. Each wood has it’s own particular characteristics and we are here to help you make the right choice. To help with your decision we have gathered some information here about the various timber selections available.

English OakEnglish Oak

English oak has been utilised for many hundreds of years to construct everything from sea-going vessels to fine furniture. Although oak grows widely across Europe and North America, craftsmen continue to cherish English oak… more


French OAKEuropean oak

European oak from The Oak and Pine Barn, Winchester, Hampshire – is generally straw coloured, tends to be quite clean with a mellow texture. English oak is similar to the French and German but tends to be specified separately because it is generally more decorative… more


Pippy Oak English pippy oak

It is generally agreed that English forests produce the finest pippy oak in the world. The open nature of our woodlands, hedgerows and parks allows easy light penetration which encourages ‘epicormic growth’ on the main trunks of the trees… more


English Ash English Ash

English Ash is noted for its beautiful appearance, toughness and flexibility. Ash is the ideal wood for fitted and free-standing furniture. A native English species, it has been used for centuries in traditional furniture making and in more specialist applications such as… more


Sweet ChestnutEnglish Sweet Chestnut

Sweet chestnut trees were apparently introduced into the British Isles by the Romans and they have flourished ever since. In many parts of southern Europe sweet chestnut is favoured over oak as a joinery timber because of its stability and… more


cherryEnglish Cherry

English Cherry – the native range of the wild cherry extends through most of Europe, western Asia and parts of northern Africa. Our Cherry is sourced predominantly from England.



walnutEnglish Walnut

English walnut is considered to be one of the most beautiful timbers. Used for high class furniture and gun stocks, the dark colouring and deep lustre of the wood make it a prized timber for prestigious applications. more…